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You Deserve The Best

Our team will go to great lengths to guarantee that you are pleased and satisfied when you leave. We utilize sterile packed disposable goods and take pleasure in cleaning and disinfecting our equipment and workstations.

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Our services

Allow us to look after your delicate hands and tiny legs.


Nail Services

Beautiful nails, from basic to modern, are also a highlight to adorn a woman's outward beauty.


Waxing Services

Don't be afraid or upset by tough fans; these easy Polish'd Nail ways will make your life simpler.


Eyelash Extension

Curved long eyelashes bring color to the eyes and enhance the overall appearance.


Spa Services

Release the body, relax with natural nutrients to create a sense of refreshment and vigor.


Spa Packages

After a long day at work, you may want equipment that runs quicker. Come to Polish to unwind with specially designed combination packages.


Clients Say

Polish'd Nails is pleased to be chosen and trusted by customers.